Current Interiors Obsessions

Starting this blog as well as my instagram has made me way more aware of the work of interior designers. The selection below have become such an inspiration to me and to how I now decorate my flat, as well as what I plan to do with my future forever home.

Beata Heuman

You literally can’t open a homeware magazine these days without seeing Beata’s work. The Swedish designer’s use of bright colours, vintage furniture and eclectic artwork always bring a smile to my face.



Rachel Chudley

I only recently came across Rachel Chudley’s work, in an issue of House & Garden magazine, but have quickly become obsessed thanks to her mis-matching patterns and textures.




Barlow and Barlow

Founded by brother and sister duo Lucy and Max Barlow, Barlow and Barlow has fast become one of my favourite interior design brands. Again I seem to be drawn to those bright colours and clashing patterns!



Salvesen Graham

Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen like to think of themselves as a classic interior design brand with a modern twist, although they like to cater to the clients needs rather than sticking to a particular style. I’m obsessed with their use of colour!



Any others I should add to the list?


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