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I spent the day in Oxford yesterday, visiting a friend who has moved back there after a year in Stockholm. I’d never been to Oxford but had heard many great things about cosy pubs, cute boutiques and it basically feeling like you’re in Harry Potter (my ideal). My friend made the perfect itinerary for us, incorporating sights for everyones needs (no we didn’t visit the Harry Potter great hall as the queue was massive and it was pissing it down).

One of our first stops was Objects of Use, who I already follow on Instagram. This beautifully curated shop has everything from vegetable brushes to unique ceramics and the prettiest stationary I’ve ever seen. I bought a yellow lemon squeezer to match my yellow door but now regretting not buying more!





Next up was Unicorn, a tiny vintage shop full to the brim with clothes and homeware treasures. You can barely fit more than a few people inside it’s so packed. I could have quite happily spent the whole afternoon there basically trying everything on.



The streets of Oxford, as anyone who has been already knows, are full with the cutest little buildings, a lot painted pink or different shades of blue. They are also lined with tiny boutiques selling everything from vintage books, clothes, homeware and specialist food.



Final stop was the cutest, cosiest pub The Old Bookbinders where we ended up spending quite a few hours getting pretty drunk before our train back to London.


Other places to visit in Oxford

The Turf Tavern – A pretty famous cosy pub that serves very good rosemary chips.

Ashmolean Museum – Has quite an extensive Ancient Egypt section and a really good shop downstairs.

The Eagle and Child – Another cosy pub where JRR Tolkein used to sit and write.


I’m obviously not an Oxford expert, having only spent one day there, so would love to hear some more recommendations for next time I visit.


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