How To: Curate a Bookshelf


I spend a lot of time staring at my living room bookshelf. Not because I’m very intelligent and spend every minute of the day reading (I wish and my choice of books doesn’t exactly scream intelligent) but because it takes up a whole wall of my living room. My TV also sits on top of it and we watch a lot of TV. I do often seem to receive compliments about my bookshelf though, any time we have visitors, and I do spend a lot of time arranging and rearranging. So here are my ‘How-to’s’…

Colour coordinate your books

It literally took me 5 minutes to colour coordinate my books so please ignore the misconception that it takes forever. It makes such a difference even if the only things on your bookshelf are actual books. It makes it stand it and people are drawn to it more when they come round. And yes I even colour coordinate my DVDs (that I no longer even use).

Pieces of interest

My whole flat is full of objects that mean a lot to me but specifically my bookshelf. Mainly because my sofa faces it, I like it to include a lot of interest. Old photos of my parents in their twenties, a couple of pairs of mini clogs (I’m a quarter Dutch), badly made pots from a pottery course I did a couple of years ago and even a penis straw from my friend Chloe’s hen do are just some of the things that adorn my shelves. They bring back happy memories and make me smile.


I own a lot of plants. They bring a flat to life and also help to purify the air which helps a lot when you live in London zone 2. I have plants all along the top of my bookshelf, mainly cacti and succulents as they are so easy to look after (I have killed a lot of plants). My favourite is my string of hearts (real name Ceropegia Woodii) as all it needs is a little water once a week and it has grown so much since I bought it. All the way to the floor!

Keep it simple

I’m not saying don’t go out and buy some beautiful vintage decorative bookshelf but, if you do, try to keep everything else simple. That’s the reason I went for three simple Ikea bookshelves stuck together because I have so much stuff that I want to have on show.










My current favourite books

I do love reading but I’ve always been quite a slow reader and often struggle to really get into a book. One of my new years resolutions for this year however was to try and read 20 books within the year. I’ve just finished my 7th!

Emma by Jane Austen – The one I can read over and over again. I love it and I love Emma. She is flawed and normal which I find a welcome relief from Elizabeth Bennet’s perfection.

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon – I’m about to start re-reading this book again as I found it so helpful. It made me think about what I want from my life and what I need to do to get it. And I’m doing it! So thank you Emma.

The Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin – I’ve only read four out of the nine but I absolutely love this series. It’s ridiculous but addictive and I’ve become obsessed with all the characters. I’ve also just started watching the 90’s TV series based on the book. They’re also about to release a new Netflix series too!


Please feel free to send me any of your tips!



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