Interiors by Wes Anderson

This post was supposed to be dedicated to iconic interiors from movies but every time I researched, the majority of images I found were from or inspired by a Wes Anderson film.

From the now infamous instragram @accidentallywesanderson to the inspired cafes, airbnbs and hotels that are popping up all over the world, everyone is still, and it seems always will be, obsessed with Wes Anderson interiors. That perfect pink hotel in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Margot Tenenbaum’s bright red zebra wallpaper in The Royal Tenenbaums. Natalie Portman’s all yellow room in Hotel Chevalier (which is actually making me fall in love with colour coordination much to my mother’s disbelief).

The Grand Budapest Hotel has everything. Gorgeous outside interiors, pink barber shop, bright red lift. It’s honestly breathtaking and is most definitely the inspiration behind some recent boutique hotels (naming no names).

I’ve actually started to see a lot of Margot’s zebra wallpaper popping up over on Instagram. Margot is literally the style dream, fashion wise as well as interiors. From her big fur coat to her hair slide and chain smoking, I’m obsessed. I watch The Royal Tenenbaums on average once a month just to simply ogle at the hair clip and that wallpaper.

Anyone have a favourite movie interior that isn’t a Wes Anderson film?


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