Table Manners

About 4 months ago, my boyfriend revealed to me his dream of opening a food van. I’m obsessed with food but haven’t always been the best cook. He, on the other hand, is amazing at it. I wasn’t so keen on the food van idea but I did introduce the idea of supper clubs to him, inspired by the likes of Jackson & Levine and Uyen Luu.

Anyway, long story short we are planning on running our own supper clubs later in the year! For now though we are merely practicing on friends with little dinner parties, the first of which is this evening.




I’m obsessed with laying tables so these dinner parties are the perfect excuse for some Pinterest action! I found the grey linen napkins on H&M Home and simply tied them with string and stuck in a sprig of eucalyptus and a hand painted name tag. The plates are just Ikea (I’m only allowed to use white apparently as it makes the food look better) and the cutlery belonged to my grandparents in the 1970s.

I plan on investing in a pink linen tablecloth and more matching glasses for next time. The orange water glasses are from John Lewis and I love them but I only own two!




Any advice on table decorations would be greatly appreciated, Especially when fitting 7/8 people around a tiny table in a tiny flat.

Details of supper clubs to come soon!





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